My tiny Vedic numerology book

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Advanced When a birth time is 2h before dawn, choose Day before mode.
Check the exact dawn time in [and do the maths] to decide.


What about privacy?
No data stored anywhere (Generated on the fly). No cookies used. No tracing. No site analytics. No spam. No Ads. Be free!

What are supported languages?
Output - English; Input - English, Latvian

What data I should provide?
Frequently used name (can be nickname); Full name; Date of birth

What is The source / content?
Mostly authorless, impersonal, told by Superhuman (not of a man). Additionally, some findings of human beings are used.

What about Interpretation?
Almost zero. Only data representation (analogies and drawings) for better perception.

Whom to ask Questions about a content?
Each generated book is self-sufficient. The more You will dive into it, the more You will get it [all]. But if You have questions, there are not much options:
  1. Meet a Superhuman;
  2. Humans will interpret;
  3. Careful with search engines;
  4. Also books can help.
  1. The person, who inputs the data.
  2. The person, who have generated PDF file.
Created by Valters Zana.
He will not answer questions about the content (he is just a professional web app engineer).